Hengshui Hotels Recommendation (For reference only)
Serial numberNameStarParking   lotsNumber   of roomsBed   (Per)Suit   price (CNY)Standard   price (CNY)Contact   NumberAddress
1Taihuayage   Hot Spring HotelFive   stars45033060082846828888883888   Donghu Avenue, Binhu New District (next to National Highway 106)
2Longyuan   Hot Spring HotelFive   stars5002515026884685158888No.   666, Donghu Avenue, Binhu New District
3Chengbo   Marriott HotelFive   stars150018840011885682396666Hengshui   Lake Park 2 km south of 106 National Road
4Hengshui   City Government Reception CenterFive   stars400173260698398688888869   Renmin West Road
5Qinseyuan   InnFive   stars150120160 3888855888Crossroad   of Weitun Town, Donghu Avenue, Binhu New District
6Kunlun   Hotel Central Street BranchFive   stars1002804306004282377777Heping   Road Central Street Intersection
7Hengshui   Yangguang HotelFour   stars801782485183182113101158   Xinhua West Road
8Kunlun   Hotel Heping Road BranchFour   stars301372004883282829966Heping   Road, Ziqiang Street Intersection
9Hengshui   Qianlong Business HotelThree   stars301602007882382198888Renmin   Road Ziqiang Street Intersection
10Hengshui   Jinshan HotelThree   stars401191823792092189999606   Central Street
11Hengyuan   HotelThree   stars30611004602202298888No.   29 West Station Road
12Xianglong   HotelThree   stars7040653601982991000Intersection   of Zhonghua Street, Shengli West Road
13Hengshui   Huaao HotelThree   stars6593180380180211666628   Hongqi Street
14Hengshui   Dongtian HotelThree   stars90902003201396880606No.   8 Shengli Middle Road
15Hengshui   Henghu HotelThree   stars80871503581786889999Xiangjiaocheng   District 1, No. 1
16Hengshui   Yuyuan Holiday HotelThree   stars1001202403082682988888Southeast   corner of the intersection of Yucai Street, Shengli Road
17Tailong   Business HotelThree   starsPublic   parking space21351981382688088West   side of Market Building
18Hengshui   Hot Spring HotelTwo   stars50501004681585209000808   Hongqi Street
19Hengshui   Zhongyi Business CenterTwo   stars254068278168232888857   Zhonghua Street
20Hengshui   Kaiyue HotelTwo   stars40981203601892855555Renmin   Road Ziqiang Street intersection
21Hengshui   Lidu HotelTwo   stars256813026816823666661099   Renmin West Road
22Hengshui   Baihe Hotel Public   parking space5870198138205809811   ZHongxin Street
23Hengshui   Heyue Hotel Public   parking space78130 1002630999Hongqi   Street 3
24100   Express Hotel Public   parking space43703001582829998No.   18, Heping Road, Zhongxin Street
25Hengshui   Jiayi Express Hotel 65680 1382337999Opposite   the zhanqian road, train station
26Yijia   365 Hotel (Hengshui Lake Branch) 108815129816966856782821   Hongqi South Street
27Jinri   Express Hotel 44068158138601889833   North Section of Kangning Street
28Seven   Days Express Hotel Public   parking space46702881172061288Northeast   corner of the intersection of Zhongjie Renmin Road
29Shangkeyou   Express Hotel (Train Station) 2549100 1498880788167   Ronghua North Street
30Jinjiang   Star Hengshui Hotel (Centre Street) Public   parking space78120 1882375588ZHongxin   Street, Shengli East Road intersection, 300 meters northbound
31Hanting   Hotel 30120200 1692636888Southwest   corner of the intersection of Zhongxin Street and Xinhua West Road
32Super   8 Hotel (Heping East Road) 30801002881682899989319   Heping East Road
33Hengshui   Huayi Business Hotel 15295015813880756781910   Hongqi Street
34Jiajia   Express Hotel 4026481681282129992Donghu   Avenue Taihuayage Northbound 210 meters
35Jiajia   Express Hotel 103232128882196658Intersection   of Renmin Road and Zhongxin Street
36Blues   Theme Hotel Public   parking space3032 168510652110th   floor, West elevator, No. 11 Building, Yuyuan Community
37Orange   Express Hotel 2034702401302071111Opposite   Hongqi Street Science and Technology Engineering School
38Changqingyuan   Hotel 1022281601302182828No.   18, 6th District, Xiangjiaocheng
39Yongxu   Hotel 20224998802161855Xiangjiaocheng   13 District No. 8
40Meilin   Yiju Express Hotel 1245100 1782151333488   Jingheng South Street
41Huayi   Hotel 105080 1292223330Southeast   corner of intersection of 040 Provincial Road and Shengli East Road
42Huangchao   Business Hotel 151726 176220255550   meters north of the intersection of Central Street and Yongxing Road
43Shuya   Hotel 51015 1007018666Northwest   62, Hongqi Street
44Binhe   Express Hotel Public   parking space3260 1035106111Building   1, No. 699, South China Street
45Quzheer   Express hotel 81619 986106599Hedong   Wandefu has been to
46Super   8 Hotel Public   parking space1001502781382963333Northeast   corner of the intersection of Central North Street and Yong'an Road
47Shangya   Hotel 820352581088899889Intersection   of Huanhua North Street and Limin Road
48Yuelongju   Business Club 501740 3608685886Opposite   the government of Weiwei Town, New District, Jizhou District
49Jizhou   District People's Government Reception Center 3086160380160861230381   Fuxin Road, Jizhou District
50Jizhou   Kaisheng Hotel 828501201008623848Intersection   of Fuxin West Road and Xinghua North Street, Jinzhou District
51Jizhou   Ruiyi Business Hotel Public   parking space5780 1988621333100   meters east of the intersection of Fuxin East Road and Xinghua North Street,   Jinzhou District
52Jizhou   Holiday Express Hotel Public   parking space1016 808625281150   meters north of the intersection of Fuxin West Road and Xinghua North Street,   Jinzhou District
53Jizhou   Lejia Hotel Public   parking space1543 808629000East   of the intersection of Fuxin and Xinghua Street, Jizhou District
54Jizhou   Huayi Hotel 02030 3015369860035No.   126, Changying North Street, Jizhou District
55Jizhou   Jinmao Business Hotel 304070 1608670888No.168   Binxi Road, Jizhou Lake
56Jizhou   Friendship Business Hotel Public   parking space4070 1206176888300   meters south of Jimei Shopping Plaza, Xinghua North Street, Jizhou
57Jizhou   Jiatai Business Hotel 104280 1185252666No.   369, Xindong Road, Jizhou
58Jizhou   Bincheng Express Hotel 93264 1288678555Intersection   of Jinji Street and Fuxin East Road, Jizhou
59Jizhou   Jiayue Business Hotel 81530 1005161888275   Jinji North Street, Jizhou
60Jizhou   Huayang Hotel 8812 601390318417952   Yingbin South Street, Jizhou