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                                    Notification about the Changing of Competition Equipment Picking-up Venue

Dear running friends:

    Welcome to Hengshui Lake International Marathon & National Championships (No.4 Station).Because of the weather conditions, the original equipment picking-up place at the Train Station for runners ( runners registered online, Haiersi team, Junlebao  team, and Chinese Electronics Technology team) has been changed. The new equipment receiving place will be at Hengyuan Hotel (north side of the road,100 meters to the west of the Train Station Square).

     While receiving the equipment, please hand in your sheet of Registration Form (for runners who registered online,your equipment receiving confirmation sheet)and Physical Health Form to our staffs. Otherwise equipment can’t be received. And in addition, you mustn’t pick up the equipment instead of others.

Equipments receiving time: 22nd  --------  24:00,23rd

The Competition Department of the Organizing Committee


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