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Notice About Race Entry Qualification Retaining

Each running friend:

     2017 Hengshui Lake International Marathon and National Marathon Championships (No.3 Station) will start at 7:30,September 30th.In view of the fact that people cannot take part in the competition as scheduled due to work and body conditions, the Organizing Committee has stipulated in Item 3 of Section 8,Article 8 in Rules & Regulations that the registration fee will not be returned after successful registration. If you cannot enter the race ,the Organizing Committee will retain your race entry qualification until next year (but only one year).In order to make it more convenient for you to apply for qualification retaining , we hereby inform you about related matters as follows:

    1.Athletes who fail to enter the race should send an email to our official mailbox to apply for qualification retaining. Name, sex, ID number, event, race number, contact information, and reasons of failing to enter the race,etc. should be clearly included.

    2.Athletes who sign up at the registration place,please also send the above information to the registration place for further filing.

    3.After the race, the Organizing Committee will make a comprehensive assessment according to information of collection of competition equipment, and timing of the race,etc.to have the name list of qualification retaining runners published for supervising.

    4.When sighing up next year,entry fee will not be needed. 
    5.The expiration date of accepting qualification retaining application will be Sep.27. 
    6.Matters not covered in this notice shall be notified separately.


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