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Supplementary Notification

Supplementary Notification of

2017 Hengshui Lake International Marathon &

National Marathon Championships (No.3 Station)

All participating units:

    2017“Yangyuan﹒Six Walnuts Cup” Hengshui Lake International Marathon & National Marathon Championships (No.3 Station),hosted by Chinese Athletics Association,Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau and the People's Government of Hengshui City,will be held at 7:30 a.m, on Sep.30. All supplementary notifications upon relevant issues are as follows:  

I. Competition schedules:






whole day

runners checking in, and getting the equipment

Bishuiwan Hotel


referees checking in

Bishuiwan Hotel


referees meeting, getting competition equipment

Academic Report Hall of Henshui College


whole day

runners checking in, and getting the equipment.



       referees practicing



technical meeting

VIP Hall on 1st floor of Bishuiwan Hotel


group leaders of the referees, group leaders of the volunteers and delegates of the runners examining the routes



collecting self-prepared beverage











II. Sign up and check in:

1. Runners from each unit who register in Chinese Athletics Association should register through its website registration system. The cut-off date is September 10th.Registration will not be accepted if exceed the time limit. Meanwhile, please print the registration form (write down your contact name and contact tel.). Stamp the registration institution official seal and the medical department seal, and then fax it to the Competition Group of the Organizing Committee(0318-2055285).

2. State-sent and province-sent technical delegates, technical officials, chief referees, specially invited runners, and registered athletes please check in on September 28th at Bishuiwan Hotel.(Tel.0318-8676666).

III. Fees

1.For officials from the Chinese Athletics Association, state-sent and province-sent technical representatives, technical officials and chief referees, a round-trip transportation expenses, food and accommodation fees will be paid by the Race. All the above related persons should choose traffic vehicles in accordance with the related regulations. Over expenses will not be reimbursed

2. Registered athletes will be free of registration fees. City transportation expenses will be paid by the Organizing Committee.While food and accommodation fees will be executed according to <Rules and Regulations on Series Competitions  of National Marathon Championships>.Each team should cooperate with the staffs on arranging hotel rooms. If single rooms are needed, please contact with the Organizing Committee ahead of time. Over standard, accommodation fees should be at their own. Overstaff, delay of departure or check in ahead of time,300 yuan per person per day will be paid by themselves.

 IV. Arrangement of meeting at the station:

1.Technical officials, referees and registered athletes should contact with the Organizing Committee at least 5 days ahead of time if need to be met at Hengshui train station or bus station.Please arrange transportation by yourselves if not phoning us.

2.The No.101 bus can take you to Bishuiwan Hotel from Hengshui Train Station or Bus Station. The bus ticket is 3 yuan for each person.

       Tel: 0318-2059266/2055285(fax)

      Contact : Kou Zhenpeng    Hu Yulin

     V. Matters not covered in this text shall be notified separately.




              The Organizing Committee of

2017 Hengshui Lake International Marathon & National Marathon Championships (No.3 Station) 


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