2019 Hengshui Lake International Marathon

Rules & Regulations


I. Host

Chinese Athletics Association

Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau

Hengshui Municipal People's Government

II. Organizer

Athletic Administration Center of Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau

Hengshui Municipal Sports Bureau

III. Co-organizer

Hengshui related counties, districts and governmental departments

IV. Operator

Beijing Zhongji Sports Management Co., Ltd.

Xiangyun Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd of Hengshui City

V. Date & Location

7:30a.m. of Sep.22, 2019 (Sunday)

Hengshui city, China 

VI. Category

Marathon (Men's and Women's): 42.195KM

Half Marathon (Men's and Women's): 21.0975KM

Health Run (Men's and Women's): about 5KM

VII. Route

1. Marathon

Hengshui Lake Marathon Square (START) → along Donghu Road to the south → turn left on Phengcheng Road to the east→ Turn left on Zhongyi Road to the north → turn back on Zhongyi Road to the south → turn right on Pengcheng Road to the west → turn left on Donghu Avenue to the south → turn right at the cross of Jizhoujijin Avenue and Hubin Avenue to the west → turn right on the Zhonghu Avenue to the north → turn right at north bank of Hengshui Lake to the east → turn right on Donghu Avenue to the south → Hengshui Lake Marathon Square (FINISH)

2. Half Marathon

Hengshui Lake Marathon Square (START) → along Donghu Road to the south → turn left on Phengcheng Road to the east→ Turn left on Zhongyi Road to the north → turn back on Zhongyi Road tp the south → turn right on Pengcheng Road to the west → turn left on Donghu Avenue to the south → turn back on Donghu Avenue to the north → Hengshui Lake Marathon Square (FINISH)

3. Health Run

Hengshui Lake Marathon Square (START) → turn back at Pengcheng Road to the north → turn right at Xuegang Road → south gate of Horticulture Expo Garden → go through Horticulture Expo Garden → north gate of Horticulture Expo Garden (FINISH)

VIII. About Participation

1. Age Category

a) Marathon: over 20 (born before Dec.31,1999);

b) Half Marathon:over16 (born before Dec.31, 2003);

c) Health Run: no age limit. However, minors under 16 (born before Dec.31, 2003; have to be participated together with at least one guardian or legal representative);

d) Half Marathon and Health Run: Minors under 18 (born after Dec.31, 2001) can only be accepted to participate on condition that their legal guardians or legal representatives have singed on document of Participant’s Clarification, against which they can obtain goody bags.

2. Health requirements

a) Marathon race is a competitive sports of great strength, long distance and also high risks. High requirements on health conditions is a need. Participants should be physically healthy and often conduct running practice or training. Appropriate race events should be chosen according to health conditions. Those who fall into following categories are advised NOT to participate:

(1) Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;

(2) Hypertension and cranial vascular disease;

(3) Myocarditis and other heart diseases;

(4) Serious coronary artery disease and serious arrhythmia;

(5) Diabetics with blood sugar of over top or over low;

(6) sick in a cold two weeks before race day;

(7) Pregnant women;

(8) Patients with other diseases not suitable for sports;

b) In the race, individual participants should bear responsibilities by themselves due to physical or other reasons of personal injuries or property damages. LOC (Local Organizing Committee) requires every participant must take the corresponding medical examinations (including cardiogram test) in related legal/official medical institutions, and guarantee good health conditions before taking part in the race.

3. Amount Limit

a) Marathon:6,000 participants

b) Half Marathon: 4,000 participants

c) Health Run: 10,000 participants

4. Registration Time

The pre-registration opens from 10:00 of July 15 to 17:00 of July 22, 2019. Ballot might be used in case register amount is over limit. Ballot results will be published on our official website, official wechat platform, please be aware timely.

5. Registration Method

Please register through race’s official website official wechat platform.Fill in your information, and then submit;       

(a) Runners registered in Chinese Athletics Association must log in CAA  official website to register Hengshui Marathon (see more details of Rules of National Marathon Series);

(b) Registration of all categories can be conducted ONLY through local counties and districts. etc. Please refer to their published notice for update;

(c) Selected names of pacers and medical runners will be announced in future, please be aware.

6. Online Website  

Please refer to,or the official wechat account.

7. Registration Fees

a) Overseas registration: 300RMB/person for marathon/half marathon;

b) Domestic registration (including Hongkong, Macau and Chinese Taiwan): 100RMB/person for marathon, 80RMB/person for half marathon, 30 RMB/person for Health Run.

c) Free of charge for the followings: elite runners, runners registered in China Athletics Association, official medical runners, and official pacers: .

8. Payment Method

a) Once you’ve registered through online system, please conduct payment according to system instructions. Please do save relevant image proofs for future check.

b) After successful registration, registration fee will not be refunded, and your race category shall not be changed.

9. Accommodation arrangements

a) For elite runners: accommodation, city transportation and travel expenses should be implemented according to inner agreements with LOC, and other personal expenses should be borne on their own;

b) For runners registered in CAA (accommodation and city transportation will be executed according to the requirements of Rules and Regulations of 2019 National Marathon Championships. Checking in ahead of the schedule, delaying in departure, or extra staff limits, accommodation fees of 400RMB/person/day will be charged.

c) For amateur runners, all expenses should be self-covered.

10. Insurance

Participants shall purchase personal accident insurance by themselves. LOC covers for each participant and each staff on race date. More detailed information of Specifications of Life Accident Insurance on the official website could be found for reference, please do read carefully.

11. Check-in

a) From Sep.19 to Sep.21, 2019, marathon, half marathon and health run participants please collect your race bags (venue and time is to be noticed), against your valid identity credentials, etc. No substitution of collection is allowed. Please contact us should you have any more question.

b) Referee teams from CAA and those selected by Hebei Province please arrive according to the appropriate time.

IX. About Competition

1. The event is conducted in accordance with the latest Rules and Regulations for Track & Field certified by IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and CAA (Chinese Athletics Association);

2. Roll-call: Roll-call time is set as 40 minutes before race starts. All runners shall be ready in different designated areas. Elite runners are required to present original copies of passports, registration cards are needed for those CAA registered runners;

3. Start Order: Runners shall be start according to the order: elite runners-- CAA registered runners--amateur runners. Event categories are listed by Marathon, followed by half marathon, and health run, with 30meters between each two categories. There is no category for wheelchair competition, participants with wheelchair participants please queue at last, after Health Run runners. All runners must follow referees’ guidance.

4. Gun shoot: One-gun start.

5. Cut-off distances and time

To ensure security and smooth of the race, different road sections would be blocked according to different cut-off time. Late runners must quit the race immediately to avoid danger. Aid buses are accessible to the FINISH .( In case of any emergency, LOC has the right to shorter cut-off time, and all runners must follow the command. )

Cut-off time is as the following (subject to gun time):

6. For marathon and half Marathon: electronic timing system is applied for recording results. Each runner is required to wear a disposable chip provided by LOC. At the START,FINISH, turning point, and each 5KM point, there is one  reacting carpet placed for timing recording, and runners must pass over them one by one. Any missing record would cause null. Except the starting point, any deviation at any two points are sub 0.1 second, related achievements will also be canceled.

In order to make sure of a strict rule, timing carpet will be placed at the Half Marathon FINISH. Half Marathon Finishers please make sure to PASS this carpet;

7. The runner who finishes marathon or half marathon within cut-off time are able to receive post-race supplies served by LOC. Result certificates are accessible to print out on official website after result publicity.

8. Cloakroom service will be set up on race day (only for marathon and half marathon runners). Marathon runners may get back their deposited personal belongings at the designated cloakroom before 15:00 on race day. Half marathon runners may do it before 12:00 noon on race day. If delayed to pick up, please contact LOC. Delayed pickup over 5 days after race, LOC will dispose them at their will. Please do not keep valuable things in bags (such as mobile phones, valid credentials, cash, keys, ipads and credit cards, etc.), otherwise you have to bear responsibility for lost.

9. Beverage, Water, Refreshment Station

A beverage/water station is set at each 5 KM from the START. From 7.5KM point, there is a drinking water station/sponge station at each 5KM. Signboards will be placed 100 meters ahead of each water station. Refreshment stations are available along the course.

10. According to the relevant regulations of the IAAF and CAA, doping tests would be conducted by LOC selectively among runners.

11. We will carry out Administrative Regulations of Sportsmanship and Discipline in Marathon and Related Sports within China issued by CAA. Discipline violation will be seriously dealt with. 

Related disciplinary actions including but not limited to the following situations:

(1) Sign up with false age or displaced by others after enrollment;

(2) Not wearing the required race T-shirts and bibs;

(3) Runners carry others’ time chip (including male athletes carrying the female athletes’) or one runner carries two or above time chips in the race;

(4) Disobey the starting order, starting at the starting point for other event categories;

(5) Start running without following gun time;

(6) Athletes’ coaches enter the race tracks by taking any vehicles;

(7) Do not finish the full distance along fixed course, or take a shortcut or cut in;

(8) Participate with forged number bibs, or one group runs alternately to finish one race.

(9) Squeezing, pushing, thrusting, tripping while running;

(10) Receiving souvenirs by repeatedly crossing the finishing line against rules;

(11) Fail to complete the whole course but remain crossing the finishing line for souvenirs;

(12) Disobeying directions of staff workers;

(13) Other acts violating the race provisions, will be punished in accordance with the relevant race rules;

12. As for the concrete requirements and agenda, please refer to Runners’ Guide in details.

X. Prizes and Places

1. Record Breaking Award

a) Race Record

men's marathon: 2:07:38 (created on September 20, 2014)

women’s marathon: 2:25:46 (created on September 26, 2015)

Bonus 10,000USD for breaking either of the above records.

b) World Record

men's marathon record: 2:01:39

women’s marathon record: 2:15:25 (mixed gender race)

Bonus of 100,000USD. (The above awards are available ONLY for men’s or women’s champion.)

2. Marathon

a) Rank Prize

Top 8 winners of men and women would be ranked and awarded with race prizes accordingly. Top 3 winners would also have additionally a medal and a trophy

respectively. (Unit: USD)

Remarks: For winners of Chinese nationality, prizes in RMB currency with equivalent amount would be preferably distributed.

b) Special Awards of National Marathon Championships

Only for Chinese Runners Registered in CAA, reward name list will be confirmed by CAA. Top 3 will be awarded according their results. Please refer more to related rules of Chinese National Championships. The highest prize will be awarded according to the results won by the same athlete, and no cumulative award will be counted. Men’s award result should be 2:16:00, and Women’s should be 2:34:00. Results under these two would get no awards. See the below structure (Unit: RMB)

c) Awards for Chinese Runners           

Except the general rankings, Chinese runners are also ranked exclusively. Top 30 winners with Chinese nationality are rewarded according to below structure (Unit: RMB)  

Remarks: If one Chinese runner has won several prizes, he/she could only be  awarded according his/ her highest rank for only one prize.d) All the above awards shall be levied 20% prize amount as individual income tax, according to related Chinese tax laws.This award is for amateur runners only.

e) Each runner finishing full marathon race within cut-off time will obtain commemorative medal and a bath towel.

3. Half Marathon

a) Top 20 winners of men/women would be ranked and awarded with race prize accordingly. Top 3 winners would also have additionally a medal and a trophy respectively. (Unit: RMB)

b) Each runner finishing half marathon race within cut-off time will obtain a commemorative medal and a bath towel.

c) All the above awards shall be levied 20% prize amount as individual income tax, according to related Chinese tax laws.

4. Regarding time results, only Rank Prize and Special Awards of National Marathon Championships are counted in gun time results, other are counted in net time results.

5. After the race, all winners please bring your valid credentials and copies to designated location for info submit. Please provide your info as detailed as possible, i.e. bank branch name is preferred to notify, as like “Hengshui Department Store Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank”. Prize payment would be implemented after results have been published and no dispute has occurred. Submit procedure would last until 40 days after race day, during which winners must submit info, otherwise absent one would be considered as a waiver to accept the award. Vacant award will not be re-issued.

6. No rankings for Health Run.

7. Each registered participant would obtain a T-shirt and a race bag (as come for on-site collection of race items).

XI. Technical delegates, technical officials, arbitrators and referees

1. Chinese Athletics Association would designate technical delegates, technical officials, arbitrators, part of chief judges and chief referees.

2. Other referees would be selected by Hebei Provincial track and Field Management Center and Hengshui Municipal Sports Bureau.

XII. Medical Care & First Aids

1. Along the route, medical aid spots are set up at each 2.5KM, and fixed medical stations are fixed at each 5KM, of which there is each one distinct sign boards placed 50M ahead. Ambulances will follow runners all the route.

2. Volunteers along the route assigned to assist medical aids and maintain race order. Runners please seek help from them in case needed.

3. Hengshui Herison International Peace Hospital and six other hospitals would be   selected as designated medical security units for the race.

4. Injury, illness medical fees and other expenses should be borne by runners /running teams themselves during the race.

XIII. Meteorological Info

1. The course road altitude varies from 21M to 26M, with 23.5M being the average.

2. On September 22nd, the average daily temperature normally varies between 15.3℃ ~24℃.

3. Average daily precipitation:0.8mm.

4. Average daily humidity: 61%.

XIV. Contacts of Organizing Committee

Add: Hengshui Municipal Sports Bureau (651, Weiming Street, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China)  Zip code: 053000

Tel: 0086-(0)318-8883194



XV. Matters not covered here shall be notified separately.



Organizing Committee of

Hengshui Lake International Marathon

June 28, 2019